In Akumentis , looking forward and staying ahead of the curve is actively practiced. The organization is continually adapting and evolving to create a positive impact on each stakeholder. We are aware of the possibilities, the talent of our people, the hard work and due processes to be followed to reach our goal of serving our patients and consumers most cost effectively.

We are currently present in the TA of Gyneacology, Orthopedics, Cardiovasculars, Paediatrics and Dermatology. We also have presence in Hospitals through a separate dedicated field force. The kind of aspirations we have would entail us to move into more TA’s as well as further increase our presence in existing ones.

We have been pioneers in launching innovative formulations in the country which have been followed by others. Our contribution to the healthcare management is seen through our brands like All9, Fibroease, Newbona, Dinofirst, Fibronorm,Oosure and many more.

Partnering with health care professionals and other stakeholders to come up with disruptive and innovative approaches and solutions is what would make Akumentis brands and company a compelling value proposition as we move ahead. We are committed to do whatever is required to make it happen .