Dedicated to wellbeing of her at every stage of life
Welleshea is a special initiative of Akumentis with dedicated focus in Infertility management and wellbeing of women. We at Welleshea commit our expertise with research focuses on finding innovative solutions to major public health challenges like female & male infertility, Anovulation, Post menopausal disorders, PCOS etc. We at welleshea feel proud to introduce following innovative products for the first time in India.
Cervifert: a novel cervical thinning formula for the First Time inIndia
Oosure: first time in India product for comprehensive management of PCOS 
Lineator: Unique combination to tackle the problem of male infertility
F029: Combination of active forms of folic acid, Pyridoxine & vitamin B12 for
prevention of hyperhomocysteinemia, an independent risk factor for pregnancy
Xtrophi: To tackle the problem of postmenopausal vaginal atrophy
Duraforce: For comprehensive management of male sexual dysfunction
We have robust product pipeline with dedicated R & D team to develop and introduce
innovative research based product formulations to promote women health &
effectively manage the infertility problems.
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