Arbind Kumar Jaiswal

Akumentis is Truly one of the best place to work for. Supporting management, ample learning opportunities, enriched working environment, innumerable rewards & recognition makes Akumentis stand apart from other Pharma Organization. In this Covid Era where many other organization started cutting down salary & Expenses & their employees became scary for future Here in Akumentis, Management always supported every employees. All employees sensed this good gesture of organization & put their best in field even in Covid Era taking care of themselves & their family. This is great example of Trust bridge. As a result the performance of  our organization is flying high & moving toward Top.  Very proud to work with Akumentis.

Manoj Kumar

I have been associated with My Akumentis since 2018 and can say proudly Akumentis is a company where one can work passionately and dare to dream big.Akumentis is the company where you can plan your long innings of growth as Akumentis lets you grow while you are aiding it’s growth. Akumentis stands apart from other employers because this company enables us to balance our work life and family life seamlessly. In all a great place to work for.

Vimal Pal Singh

I feel proud to work with AKUMENTIS. I have earned lots of incentives. I purchased a new Kwid Car last two months ago. Me & My family is thankful to Akumentis for our Financial and cultural enrichment

Tapas Kumar Panda

Akumentis health care Ltd is a very good company in terms of working culture and 5 day working with all Saturdays as paid weekends. To attend Akumentis Achievers Award is always inspiration to me and my family. Akumentis Healthcare provides Incentives and Increments which are ” best in Industry”.

Monica Bathija

I have been working in Akumentis as a Business Manager for 4 years. I should say it is a pleasure to be a part of this company. Our team is the greatest advantage. Everybody demonstrates high quality and professional attitude in all working activities. Every day I work in an atmosphere of mutual respect, support, and help. Our company also gives each employee an opportunity for self-development providing different kinds of training, both in professional and “soft-skills” spheres. I wish Akumentis goes on flourishing and showing its professionalism on the worldwide level.

Sabuj Gayen

The internal work environment at Akumentis far exceeds any corporation for which I’ve worked. Akumentis truly values their employees, also tries to promote from within the corporation before seeking outside candidates. Yet another way Akumentis values its employees is by providing the employees and their families with the best benefits: health insurance, retirement plans, even medical assistance when traveling away from home, plus many, many other benefits.
Akumentis also has an employee recognition program where employees, recognized for going beyond job expectations and providing assistance to coworkers and others. We have an effective leadership team, that helps in the growth of both employer and the employee. I can honestly say, Akumentis is the best employer, and I’m proud to be a part of this exceptional organization.

Sumit Kumar Asija

I started my career at Akumentis in August 2014. Since then, I’ve noticed the positive atmosphere, and the importance Akumentis places on its employees, along with serving our members and communities. Akumentis provides information on healthy living habits such as diet, exercise, and emotional wellbeing. Akumentis providers a fun and supportive atmosphere through company events like celebrating every employee’s birthdays by sending flowers and cakes. Akumentis is a great place to work and stay healthy. The company’s concern about its employees displays the quality of people that work for the company. I hope that the company will keep developing and continue working to meet the unmet demands of the pharma industry. 

Anuj Couksey 

I’m proud to say that I will be celebrating my 7th anniversary soon working at Akumentis! I truly enjoy coming to work in such a family, friendly atmosphere. I can easily brag about Akumentis’ fantastic benefits, the employee interactive wellness program, the educational and training opportunities available through various experts. While I appreciate all the company perks; it’s Akumentis’ culture of care and commitment to its employees and customers that tops my list. The Akumentis culture reinforced from the top down starts with the Senior Management team who are refreshingly down to earth, approachable and caring. It’s inspiring to work for a company that honestly wants to do right by its customers and employees. It would be easy to work for a different company to get a paycheck, but not just any company can create a culture that makes me excited to come to work every day!